Image Development For Him

Command a room without saying a word.

Did you know?

So how do we navigate that? The key lies in starting with what works for you as an individual, rather than the shackles of changing fashions or the familiarity of old favourites. Is what you’re seeing in the mirror accurately reflecting your professionalism, personality and confidence? It’s impossible to know what people are really thinking about you, but with some thought you can craft an image that is an honest reflection of who you are and where you’re headed.

Did you know?

Clothes have a symbolic role beyond function: they transmit subconscious messages about your desires and aspirations to the people around you. Good choices tell others that you are committed to personal growth. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that clothing also has the power to affect your behaviour, giving you the confidence and stature you’ve worked hard to show off! Briony Croft and her team will reshape the way you think about what you wear and how it can impact all areas of your life, while at the same time creating a wardrobe that more efficiently supports your lifestyle.

Step 1: Style Profile Consultation

Survey results show that 85% of women think a man who dresses well is sexier than a man with money.

We meet to discuss goals in your personal and professional life, and how we can work together to build an image that reflects those goals. This brief session is essential in planning how we will approach the reshaping of your work and social presence, allowing for the most efficient and effective overhaul possible.

  • Face-to-face, Skype or phone consultation
  • Build a style profile that works for your lifestyle
  • Learn about how to use style to improve your confidence
  • Understand what your look says about you

Step 2: Wardrobe Clean-out

Global menswear sales have shot up by 70% since 1998 – a reflection of the growing need for men to up their game in the fashion stakes.

The profile we build in the Style Profile consultation is our reference point in this next important step. The wardrobe clean-out is an opportunity to streamline your closet space and make sense of what you use, what looks great, and what doesn’t. Wondering why you’re holding on to that novelty tie collection? We are too. Take a deep breath, and let it go. We will also spend time creating an inventory of ‘must-haves’ for your lifestyle.

  • Learn what looks great on you and suits your lifestyle
  • Feel confident in letting go and making space for wiser purchases
  • Gain an understanding of how to make the most of your budget
  • Create a list of essential items to fill gap areas

Step 3: Personal Shopping

75% of men surveyed think well-dressed men are more successful in the workplace than colleagues who dress badly.

A large proportion of men see shopping as something to avoid at all costs, a necessary evil. It doesn’t have to be that way! With clear intentions set out in the previous sessions, along with expert guidance and support, you’ll wonder how you ever made it through a shopping trip without us. Behind the scenes we formulate a plan that will help you achieve your image of success, only taking you to stores that have the right options for your style goals. Items of clothing will be pre-selected and ready for you to try on in-store. 100% pain-free guarantee.

  • Shop strategically and fill the gaps in your existing wardrobe
  • Experiment with styles – you might surprise yourself!
  • Save time wasted on endless browsing – this is targeted shopping made fun and easy
  • Please note that Briony Croft does not accept commissions from fashion boutiques. All purchases are completely up to you and pressure-free

Step 4: Wardrobe Integration / Lookbook

Only 12% of men surveyed gave themselves an “A” for fashion sense.

Having a wardrobe brimming with shiny new purchases doesn’t mean the old stuff has to be forgotten and left scrunched in the back corner for all eternity. You are not limited to your new wardrobe alone! Integrating new pieces into your existing collection will likely more than double the number of ‘new looks’ at your disposal, breathing new life into your wardrobe and setting you on a path of smart and inspired clothing choices. We leave you with a personalised Look Book filled with inspiration – all it takes is a fresh perspective.

  • Personal style session integrating new purchases into your existing wardrobe
  • Get the most out of everything you own – make the old feel new again!
  • Photographs of each look for your digital Look Book – a simple go-to-guide to help you make your wardrobe yield the most stylish results possible

Optional Upgrades

There is no shame in secretly yearning to feel pampered, preened and styled. Optional grooming upgrades can be added to any session, allowing you to complete your restyle with a swoon-inducing haircut and the know-how to recreate it at home.

  • Hair cut, colour and style – including deluxe hair treatment, shiatsu head massage and hairstyling masterclass
  • Facial grooming