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Questions About Briony Croft

Style is such a dynamic word! I see style as an extension of our identities, showcasing our personality, values and beliefs. Style is less about fashion and more about knowing how to use clothing to your advantage, as a vehicle for self expression and driver of confidence.

Everyone is different, everyone is an individual – what you won’t get from me is a “one size fits all” solution. Having had ten plus years industry experience, I have developed a depth in understanding of personality types, motivations for change, and helping others achieve their individual goals. This allows me the freedom to work with you as an individual, on your discovery of image and clothing – educating you on the potential for image management to assist in your confidence and achievements, and leaving you holding that powerful tool in your hands.

I am an outcome-based thinker. I like to achieve big things and celebrate them. I want to see my clients achieve their goals, both in the short term and the long term, and continue on their journey with increased confidence and a positive attitude.

But let’s not jump the gun – give me a call to have a chat to confirm that we are the right fit.

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Wait, this is work?!

I’m joking of course, but helping my clients achieve big things, watching development and change that extends way beyond the wardrobe, is so much more than “just a job”.

With every client’s story I am hooked, the range of experiences and personalities present challenges I relish, and taking this journey with them is rewarding for both of us. What I love most, though, is the after stories – the emails and calls I get following our image development sessions, where former clients have nailed that presentation, found the person of their dreams, improved close relationships, or motivated their team to perform at their highest rate ever. Seeing the confidence bursting out of those I’ve worked with, that’s what gets me excited about my work, as it’s so, so rewarding.

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Questions About Our Services

Yes. We specialise in body shape and proportion dressing for both men and women.

It’s common for people to assume personal styling and image development is just for the ladies, but our experience and research shows that it’s just as important for men. We have the expertise to overhaul your look and renew confidence in your image, whoever you might be!

See more on our Men’s and Women’s services.

No. Relax! We’re strict, but we’re not that strict.

If the item can be carried across into the new style direction, it is of good quality and you still like the item, then it will stay. We only get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose in your wardrobe or have negative memory associations for you.

There’s no easy formula for this stuff – we offer an individual service, which means we talk to you about your needs and budget in our initial brief, then we burrow ourselves away for a bit, sourcing garments from a variety of locations that we think will work for you.

The majority of shopping takes place in the CBD or the inner city suburbs of Melbourne. You may find yourself in one of Melbourne’s small designer boutiques finding limited edition gems, and then moments later in one of our local or international high street stores.

Please note that Briony Croft does not accept commissions from fashion boutiques. All purchases are completely up to you and pressure free.

How long is a piece of string? You do not have to spend a million bucks to look a million bucks – unless you have the budget to do so of course!

The point is, this is a difficult question to answer if we haven’t yet asked you what YOU want to spend. Another important reason we begin with the initial style profile consultation.

Keep in mind when building a new wardrobe your first two shops (spring/summer and autumn/winter) will be the biggest. From there, we work together adding ‘top ups’ to your carefully selected wardrobe.

People usually seek the services of an image specialist with a purpose, having reached a cross road of some sort. They’re searching for something that will give them ‘the edge’, or want to reconnect with a long-forgotten part of themselves, or feel more confident in their skin. Knowing what you want out of this experience is crucial for us, which is why we recommend the Complete Makeover for first time clients.

The Complete Makeover allows us to really get to know each other, meaning we are both on the same page heading in the same direction. We use what we can from your current wardrobe, fill the gap areas with pieces that will serve multiple outfits and occasions and we then create the look book and integrate your new pieces with your existing pieces.

Existing clientele add shopping trips or look book sessions as required throughout the year.

The initial Complete Makeover process will take approximately 9 hours spaced over 2 – 3 days.

Step 1: Style Profile Consultation Approx 1 hour
Step 2: Wardrobe Cleanout Approx 3 hours
Step 3: Personal Shopping Approx 3 hours
Step 4: Look Book / Wardrobe Integration Approx 2 hours

We spend a lot of time behind the scenes preparing for your sessions. Style profiling, pre-shops, wardrobe outlines etc are done between each of the sessions.

In short, yes. We can tailor sessions and packages based on your needs.

However, if you are a first time client we do highly recommend the full process to get the most out of your image transformation.

It’s best to contact us to discuss what will be right for you.

Absolutely! We have optional grooming services for both men and women should you like to add them to your package. Because of the nature of our personalised work we can be and are very flexible based on your requirements.

We keep record of everything that is in your wardrobe from the first time we lay our eyes on it. New pieces, priority garments to add, sizes, measurements, every shoelace and button-hole. By the time you’re one of our ongoing clients, you’ll be well-versed in the importance of organisation! Knowing what you have, what you need… and what you don’t need.

That way, in 6 months time when we go for our ‘top up’ shops for the new season we cut out the hassle of figuring out what you should buy. We source the garment options and take you straight there for a quick, efficient shop.

One of our favourite sessions is the Look Book. It’s a huge time saver for our clients and ensures you are always looking good, no matter how busy or tired you are. We create the outfits, take photos of them and send the document to you to keep on your iPad or device for easy access every morning.

Generally, our clients will book in for 2 shopping session and 2 look books a year. Subscription options are available, we take you through the details when we meet!

Questions About Booking

At least one month in advance. However, cancellations do occasionally happen so please get contact with us.

We are based in inner city Melbourne and are happy to travel to outer suburbs within a 50km radius. Beyond 50km we add a travel fee depending on distance.

Briony is an experienced and very confident speaker, having delivered workshops and seminars to intimate groups and 2000+ audiences. She has a background in being on stage for a living – it really comes as second nature. Image management workshops and seminars are consulted on and tailored to each event.

Workshops or group sessions can also be arranged by contacting us here.

Absolutely! A style session is an amazing gift that keeps on giving! Contact us here for more info.