Image is not just for the individual

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We all know that when you look good, you feel good – that’s nothing new. We know too that a robust image and personal brand contributes immeasurably to confidence. And a lack of confidence can keep you within your comfort zone where there is little risk of failure, but limits on success.

But have you ever thought about what impact your image has on others? If you’re a business owner or leader within your organisation, the way you carry yourself has a dramatic effect on the feelings of those around you.

“In order to create a positive professional image, impression management must effectively accomplish two tasks: build credibility and maintain authenticity. Whenyou present yourself in a manner that is bothtrue to self and valued and believed by others, impression management can yield a host offavourable outcomes for you, your team, andyour organisation.”

Professor Laura Morgan Roberts, Harvard Business School

The concept of a personal brand is as important as ever in our fast-paced online and offline environments. But is your online presence your greatest asset or biggest liability?

We’re not being pretentious here. Setting an example for those within your organisation is imperative for team building and morale generally. When employees have confidence in the capacity of their leadership team, it’s very likely that they will have positive morale. Positive morale contributes to drive, engagement, productivity, tenure and motivation.

What impact is your image having on those around you? Is it a positive one?

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