To keep up to date with international brands and trends, I visit major European capitals like Paris and London each year. These trips allow me to visit exclusive ateliers and boutiques, where I can source to ensure my clients possess unique items of exceptional quality and craftsmanship which are likely to be the only one of its kind in Australia.

Next stop. Paris.

Paris September 2024

An exclusive bespoke shopping experience in Paris, where every moment is curated for the discerning taste of the few. With my extensive experience in curating personal style and deep knowledge of Parisian boutiques, each service promises a tailored adventure that blends the allure of Parisian fashion with an unmatched, intimate shopping experience.

Expect a carefully curated selection of boutiques and timeless garments, meticulously chosen to enhance your individual image. Discover exceptional pieces, not readily available in Australia, all while capitalising on the advantageous stock availability and pricing benefits of European fashion houses.

No 1. Social Bespoke

Join a small, considered group led by myself for a shared Parisian adventure, blending individual flair with collective discoveries and some socialising in-between.

Group 1 10th – 12th September

Group 2 17th – 19th September

No 2. Curated Bespoke

Embark on an exclusive solo escapade with me, where each step is a private exploration, tailored solely to your wardrobe desires.