Join us in Paris or have us source those unique and memorable pieces for you.

Why Paris? To find the pieces you can’t find in Australia.

Briony has been researching Paris for years. The array of local designers as well as European designers available in Paris is unparalleled. We can find incredibly unique and quality pieces that simply can’t be found in Australia.

Did you know?

Paris is a city like no other. It is the fashion capital of the world dating back to the 19th century. To this day, the fashion and trends of Paris continue to influence the rest of the world. It has an abundance of magnificent, unique, high-quality designs and Briony has decided to share her knowledge and bring it to you!

Briony will be personally sourcing items specific for you. Whether you join her over in Paris, or you have items sourced and delivered to you, you are guaranteed to gain pieces to be remembered.

Je te verrai à Paris!

Paris Porter

With great disappointment, we have had to postpone our Paris Porter & Paris Shopping Experience due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. It is, however, just a postponement and we hope to be there in July 2021! Please do send through an enquiry if you’re interested and we’ll keep you up to date with new dates and the official re-launch.

Hand-picked unique pieces, exclusively for you, delivered to your door.

Briony will have access to:
• Brands unavailable in Australia
• The incredible Spring/Summer 2020 season sale
• New season Autumn/Winter collections (available in Australia in 2021)

The concept is simple. Briony will find you garments and accessories that are luxurious and unique in design, suitable for your requirements, body shape and personal style and deliver them to your door. She will specifically be looking for exceptional items exclusive to France whilst also taking advantage of the Spring/Summer 2020 mid-season sale. Briony will be privy to collections released in Autumn/Winter 2021 in Australia keeping you one step ahead with forecast purchases. Depending on your brief you can expect couture, bespoke and ready to wear items.

‘I got it from Paris’ – a response you’ll be saying with the delivery of your hand picked, locally sourced pieces by Briony, exclusively for you, in Paris.

Have we sparked your interest?

Paris Shopping Experience

Curated personal shopping on the streets of Paris.

An all-inclusive full day shopping experience with Briony in Paris. She will personally be guiding you through the beautiful streets of Paris to specific boutiques with hand-picked items to suit your individual style. Along the way you’ll be immersed in the Parisian way of life, its culture, its food, and its breathtaking scenery. You’ll be introduced to new brands unavailable in Australia, take advantage of the incredible Spring/Summer 2020 sale season, and be the first to see new season collections for Autumn/Winter 2021.

Briony will find you those irresistible items ensuring no ‘holiday’ purchases are made – you know those purchases you make when you get home and realise it really doesn’t go with your Melbourne/Australian wardrobe! You will be turning heads with the sheer quality and detail of the luxurious garments and accessories that can be found in Paris.

Briony will curate a specific walking route in the days prior to your arrival to take advantage of the best items available for you in Paris. Travel dates between: 16 – 24th July 2020.

Are ready for a day like no other in Paris?