We are personal stylists with a big difference.

You see, our fashion consultants are focused on creating a personal style that not only looks great and ensures you feel your best, but also has a focus on strategy to continually grow your personal image into a developed and consistent personal brand.

We are your on-going personal fashion stylists in Melbourne who are invested in your success journey and ensuring your personal image is continually propelling you forward and supporting your growth strategy.

We are not your ‘quick fix’ personal shopper solution – we are your ‘all in, let’s get it right from the start’ option! We take the time to get to know you on a deeper level to ensure we create a style profile that is reflective of you.


Personal Stylist

Researchers have only just begun to unpick the psychology behind what we wear, and the results have been remarkable.

A report published in Qualitative Research in Psychology in 2008 found that merely thinking about a favourite item in ones wardrobe resulted in increased confidence. Another study revealed a strong connection between what you wear and professional performance. That means that some clothes have the power to ‘unlock’ you psychologically, giving you special permission to act in a certain way.

The good news is that making conscious decisions about what you’re wearing allows you to control this phenomenon, and it’s one of the easiest ways to propel yourself into a re-energised, more positive frame of mind.

Briony Croft and her team go a lot further than your normal fashion stylist. They will reshape the way you think about what you wear and how it can impact all areas of your life, while at the same time creating a wardrobe that more efficiently supports your lifestyle, personality, personal and professional growth.

Specialising in complete image development for both men and women we are your personal fashion stylists with a difference. 

Don’t live in Melbourne? No problem. We can customise your experience with our personal stylists online.