The Importance of Mindset

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What is mindset? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, mindset means a “person’s way of thinking and their opinions”. The Collins English Dictionary describes mindset in a similar way, that is, “if you refer to someone’s mindset, you mean their general attitudes and the way they typically think about things”.

So why is mindset so important before and during a process of change like our Image Development offering?

You need to be able to visualise yourself in a certain place. A place of confidence. A place of certainty. A place of self-esteem. A place free of negativity. Without a success mindset, it’s impossible to accurately make the change required.

Victor Lipman also talks about the value of a mindset of self-awareness. If you’re not aware of how the messages you’re sending are coming across to others, how can you influence other people successfully? Before embarking on a process like Image Development, you typically have the awareness that your image is not aligned with where you want to be. You know that your image and self-presentation is at odds with your goals and aspirations. Your self-awareness leads you to make the call or send the email to take action.

To work collaboratively with you, we need you to be in the right frame of mind to achieve the most out of the process. Remember that Image Development is about where you are going, not where you have been. It’s all about getting to know you on a deeper level to ensure we create a profile that suits your lifestyle and direction. You will learn how to use your image to reach your personal and professional goals and really understand what your personal brand says about you.

The question is – are you ready?