Why You Should Be Focusing On The Finer Details

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First impressions: where you have seven seconds to make your well thought out impact. It is with the finer details that you will make a lasting impression. It is a deliberate choice to present in a consistent manner that displays far more than your exterior presentation. It exemplifies details of your personality, your aspirations, your values and most importantly what can be expected of you and if you can be trusted.

You see, it’s all about expectations. You might think that these details are simply small things that other people won’t notice. You’re wrong. What do you expect from the people you associate with, and what will they expect from you? These finer details are what solidifies your personal brand in the eyes of those you associate with.

But what are the finer details? It’s your impeccably ironed shirt, your beautifully manicured nails, the subtle yet deliberate accessory detail, and the shine and buffed shoe. Miss these finer details and you can really detract and ‘hurt’ your long-lasting impression management.

My mini challenge to you – when you’re in your next business meeting, casual or formal, take notice of these details and decide if it is in-line with your expectations of that individual. 

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied by the best.” – Oscar Wilde