There is one unique quality that separates you from your competitors, and that is you.

Branded Photography

The images you use to showcase your brand need to tell your unique story with simplicity, clarity and personality. When a potential client first discovers your business online, what do they see?

Did you know?

The way you present yourself plays a powerful role in how your brand is perceived. People do business with individuals they like and trust, not simply engaging with the service or product alone. Think about what you can do to influence their decision-making process. Be real and relatable to turn that initial intrigue into a lasting business relationship.

Briony Croft specialises in personal branding photography to help Melbourne clients showcase their brand with simplicity, clarity and personality.

It is becoming increasingly popular for business owners to step up and step out to be the face of their companies. People do business with people they relate too. The images you use in your marketing collateral and in your digital presence must showcase brand confidence. Your message might be strong, but is your delivery?

To make an impression, your imagery must showcase your personality and values. Your prospective clients want a snippet of what it would be like to work with you. They want to know they can trust you. They want to see consistency of brand confidence.

Briony Croft’s Branded Photography and Production service offers you direction and full support in producing your unique set of images and video content. Briony has a wealth of experience both in front of and behind the camera, with a relaxed approach and clear vision of what works and what doesn’t with personal brand photography. She understands how daunting an experience like this can be to the uninitiated (and also the initiated!), and mindfully guides you through the process to ensure minimum awkwardness, maximum result!