A deep understanding of image development and its role in building confidence – in everyone – is central to Briony’s every day work. It’s what inspires her to continue to explore image and brand management in real life contexts.

Keynote Speaking

With many years’ experience in the entertainment industry, Briony’s stage presence is simply magnetic – captivating audiences large or small, in casual or professional settings.

Briony runs a successful business and knows the huge impact a refined brand and image has had in her success – knowledge she is keen to share. The experience of growing the Briony Croft brand, developed over the past 9 years, has given Briony personal experience in the rollercoaster of building a successful business from the ground up. Through the highs and lows, the trials and errors, and enduring tenacity, Briony is now exactly where she wants to be. She has an experience to share, and a strong brand to back her. The enthusiasm she has for her work is infectious, a rare blend of sophistication and respect for her discipline. Her warmth and humour draw people to her.

Keynote Speaking

Briony has engaged and influenced audiences from a range of organisations across the corporate sphere, including Care Super, Nutrimetics, NAB, Buckmaster Hawkey, and Fernwood Fitness. Versatile and flexible, content of Briony’s talks cover issues like utilising the power of your personal brand, making a lasting impression, and actively defining your message and personal brand.

Expert Areas Include:

  • The Power of Image – using your personal brand to propel your professional growth
  • Making you Mark – being so memorable that you are front of mind
  • Your Message – digging deep and acknowledging your authentic self
  • Creating your authentic personal brand