Professional Image Guideline

“In order to create a positive professional image, impression management must effectively accomplish two tasks: build credibility and maintain authenticity. When you present yourself in a manner that is both true to self and valued and believed by others, impression management can yield a host of favourable outcomes for you, your team, and your organisation.”

– Professor Laura Morgan Roberts, Harvard Business School

Building credibility in your marketplace is crucial – a streamlined team is a strong team.

Your organisation presents a strong vision and mission, but how is that vision expressed in an aesthetic sense?

Even the strongest team can be enhanced and brought together through constructive image evaluation, resulting in an empowered and confident workforce. Creating a culture that encourages thoughtful image management takes purposeful and supportive leadership that sets the tone for the organisation. Staff presentation has influence, both inside the office and out in the market. In today’s fast-paced and uncertain work environment, it is essential that your brand is recognisable, consistent and respected.

Dressing thoughtfully will bring your team together with clearly defined goals and a robust identity. Not only will the finished product attribute strength and validity to your team in an aesthetic sense, but the process itself allows for team-building and strengthened professional relationships. Briony will engage with you, as a business leader, to define your brand identity, vision and direction.

With a clear understanding of your values, services, ideas and personality, Briony will translate your brand identity into an Image & Branding Guideline tailored to your business – a workplace handbook to be shared with staff, including clear visual aids highlighting the expectations of the organisation.